Term loan

Term loan

A business term loan functions similarly to a business loan that is available through a traditional bank.

AMOUNTS : 5k-1,000,000

RATES: Start as low as 4.99%

TERMS: Daily, weekly, or monthly payments

Term loans are the perfect option for a borrower who needs capital for specific investments. Perhaps you are ready to scale your business with an expansion, large-scale renovation, expensive new equipment, or a new construction office build. Term loans provide businesses the cash flow to fund a large purchase that may otherwise be unattainable. Typically, a credit card will not be the ideal route due to pre-determined credit limits, sky-high interest rates, or inflexible payment terms. This program will provide a one-time lump sum of cash to use at your discretion, offering both convenience and flexibility as you benefit from the profitability of your new investment. Whether you’re reinvesting in the business through a marketing campaign, renovations, new locations, or reopening your business, Lex Capital is here to help drive your business forward.

Benefits include:

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