Property Loans

Property Loans

If you have an asset, you can use that asset to obtain capital for your business. What is important here is to understand the value versus the debt. 

RATES: 1% per month for 1 year

TERMS: Monthly payments

A hard money loan can be an attractive option when you lack the means to secure a traditional financing option, yet have a valuable asset to use as collateral to back your loan. The financing will be secured against your property, and you’ll have the choice to pay principal and interest, or only principal with a balloon payment at the end. We can offer up to 80% loan-to-value if the funds will be used for renovations, or will be invested in a future rental.

Benefits include:

Conventional loans – With terms up to 25 years, we can help you identify the best conventional property loan refinancing options to increase your monthly cash flow access.

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